About us - Where Collaboration Meets Innovation

... and a Dash of Humor 🤪

At Rosmedia, we firmly believe that our strength bubbles up from our unique collaborative brew, where we stir together expertise, creativity, and a touch of the unexpected. Our clients aren't just clients; they're partners in this exciting dance of innovation. We're all in this tango together – sometimes stepping on toes, but always moving forward.

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Our Origin - A Story of Three Friends and a Bold Idea

Rosmedia sprouted from the brilliant minds of three friends who, while sipping on overpriced coffee, realized something revolutionary: developer studios were playing a game of financial leapfrog with their clients. So, armed with unmatched ambition (and perhaps a bit too much caffeine), they leaped even higher, aiming to triple the stakes - but with triple the value, innovation, and, of course, coffee breaks.

More Than a Team, We're a Quirky Family

Here at Rosmedia, we're not just a team; we're a family. And like any typical family, we have the fun uncle (our creative designer who wears Hawaiian shirts on Mondays), the wise grandma (our senior developer who remembers code from the age of dinosaurs), and the energetic toddler (the intern who's always buzzing with ideas). We encourage our family members to bring their whole selves to work – quirks, coffee mugs, and all. And in return, we only ask for their undying loyalty until at least 6:30 PM – because, let's face it, all great ideas need time to simmer.

Join the Rosmedia Family

At Rosmedia, we promise you two things: your experience with us will be as enriching as it is entertaining, and you'll never look at the standard 9-to-5 the same way again. So, come on in, the coffee's brewing, and the next great idea is just waiting for your touch!

Our Culture at Rosmedia: Where Work Meets Wit and Wisdom - The Perfect Blend of Passion and Life

At Rosmedia, we believe in balancing your burning passion for groundbreaking work with an equally intense passion for life. It's like having your cake and eating it too, but with more code and fewer calories.

  • Trust: Measured in Moments, Not Minutes. We're all about trust. It's not about the hours you clock; it's about the moments you create. Whether it's 2 AM or 2 PM, as long as you're turning those light bulb moments into reality, we're good. And hey, if you solve that bug in your dreams, we count that as overtime.
  • Compassion: Caring Without the Overbearing. We deeply care about each other, in a 'respect your privacy' kind of way. We might not know your cat's name or your favorite pizza topping, but we're here to support you, no questions asked (literally).
  • Rosmedia: A Culture That's Seriously Fun. Join us at Rosmedia, where we juggle innovation with intuition, deadlines with daydreams, and seriousness with a smile. We promise an environment where your talent can thrive, your jokes can fly, and your career can soar - all while maintaining a healthy dose of work-life balance.

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  • Bydgoszcz (Rosmedia sp. z o.o.)
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